SBCC Women's Clinic - Packages for OCBC Ladies' Circle Members

Present your OCBC Ladies' Circle Card to enjoy the following Well-women screening & Aesthetics packages.


Well-women Screening Packages

OCBC Ladies' Circle

1) Premier Lady Wellness


 Premier Lady Wellness incorporates screening for gynaecological conditions in addition to general medical conditions.


• Haematological profile (FBC)
• Kidney profile (Urea/electrolytes)
• Liver profile (LFT)
• Cholesterol profile
• Diabetes screen (fasting glucose)
• Gout (Uric acid)
• Thyroid screen (Free T4, TSH)
• Infection screen – Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B
• Venereal disease (VDRL / TPHA)
• HIV screen
• Urinalysis (UFEME)
• Ultrasound pelvis
• Pap smear (Optional)
• Tumour markers – Ca125, AFP, CA 19-9, CEA
• Complete medical examination / review of results




2) Platinum Lady Wellness


Platinum Lady Wellness is recommended to ascertain the health risks that may come with middle age. It screens for cardiovascular diseases, menopausal health, ovarian and breast cancers. It includes all tests performed in Premier Lady Wellness with the following additions:


• Mammogram & ultrasound breasts
• Bone mineral density scan
• Bone mineral health (Ca2+, Phosphate)
• Ultrasound abdomen
• Menopausal profile (FSH, LH, E2)
• Faecal occult blood test


Aesthetics Packages (only available at Clementi)

OCBC Ladies' Circle

3) Complexion Revival Program


Tired of looking dull? Our blemish – solving pigment laser coupled with the Innovative Facial brings your skin to light, sprinkling serum rich in vitamin A, C, and fruit acids to aid skin cell renewal and rejuvenation.


• 3 x Pigment clearing laser sessions
• Complimentary Innovative Facial x 1 session


4) Square Jaw Reduction Botox Package


Desire a youthful, attractive look with a well-contoured jaw line? Not impossible at SBCC Women’s Clinic. Slimming the jaw muscles (masseters) with Botox microinjection softens your jaw line dramatically in a painless fashion, delivering a feminine look. Compliment this treatment with a spray of blemish-clearing laser to accentuate the radiance in you.


• Botox Jaw Slimming (one course)
• 1 x pigment clearing laser session



5) Acne-Clear Program


Acne-no-more. Our new kid on the block machine, Theraclear Photopneumatic IPL therapy, deep cleanses clogged pores and sterilizes acne-causing bacteria. Clarity facials are deep cleansing skin clearing facials that get to the root of inflamed, acne-prone skins. Splatter of beta-hydroxyl acids reduce acne-causing bacteria and sebum production.


• 3 x Theraclear Anti-acne IPL sessions
• 3 x Anti-acne cooling mask
• 1 x Clarity Facial




*Terms and Conditions Apply. OCBC Ladies' Circle Card has to be presented at the point of registration. All prices above are subject to prevailing GST. 
Kindly call the clinics to enquire or to make an appointment.


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